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What would we do without email? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Efficient and reliable communication tools are vital to running a successful business, especially as more and more people choose to work remotely. Of course, your digital communications also have a huge impact on your customer relations.

If you’re often losing track of who’s replied to which email, and your calendars and contacts are all out of sync, you need baseline communicate. This package streamlines everything for you, as well as saving you time and frustration by preventing spam from clogging up your inbox.

This pay-monthly bundle gives you the on-going support you deserve.

baseline communicate — key features

Email Archive

Take the pressure off your mail server and reduce the risk of data loss by archiving your messages.

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Kerio Connect

Business email by Kerio is easy to use and offers secure access to your communications whenever and wherever you need it.

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Spam Control

There are few things more annoying than junk mail. Our Spam Control removes this nuisance from your daily life, so you can get on with the important stuff.

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What our clients say

Thank you for all your help and endeavours in our quest to replace the old and problematic email system here at Clarity. When you first approached us in October 2014 we were suffering a lot of technical issues with our emails, virus problems and a lack of an archiving facility, which, as you can imagine, was creating havoc in our office. One year on, I am pleased to say you have rectified all the problems and we would now like you to provide us with a server backup solution.

Steve LoughnaneService Manager, Clarity Copiers

We recently asked datamills to provide us with a backup service, antivirus software and a modern, efficient email system. This was all set up and training was delivered to ensure we had a full understanding of the new systems. We would like to thank you and your team for your patience and for going out of your way to help.

Raj ShahPrincipal, Blue Wealth Capital

datamills listened to our own very particular set of requirements for synchronising emails, calendars and contacts across devices and who needed to see what within our organisation. When the time came to change over our systems, it went without a hitch and the improvement was amazing. It has made an enormous difference to the efficiency of our working.

Simon N JonesArchitect and MD, SNJ Architects