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As your business grows and your team starts to use more and more devices, it’s easy to lose track of who has access to what. baseline mobile simplifies things for you by keeping track of all your phones and tablets.

Ever left your phone in a taxi? This is a painful experience when it’s your own phone, but if you lose your company phone, it can be even more of a headache. We can locate your device, lock it and change the password remotely, so none of your private data is compromised. Phew!

We can also monitor usage on your business devices, with data reports and call history logs to help you keep costs down.

baseline mobile — key features

Mobile Phones

We can help you find the most suitable mobile phones for your business. We’ll work with suppliers to provide the handsets and an appropriate contract if you need one.

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Secure Single Sign On

Do away with the hassle of remembering multiple passwords and the risk of unauthorised access or data leaks with one simple solution.

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