Concerned about where to start with the new General Data Protection Regulations?

There are some common myths,

  1. Since the UK is leaving the EU, we don’t need to worry about GDPR compliance.
  2. Personal data that is already in our database isn’t subject to GDPR.
  3. My data is stored with my cloud service provider so it’s their responsibility to remain complaint with GDPR, not mine.

GDPR takes the view that you have been loaned other peoples personal data for a specific task. If you don’t have specific consent, you can’t use it for other purposes, such as newsletters, marketing… You also have to keep it safe and secure

There are some big fines, and short time scales for reporting and investigations, should an issue occur.

Don’t Panic!  datamills, along with some of our partner companies, are able to provide guidance and support as you negotiate GDPR.

We recommend using the government “Cyber Essentials” scheme to demonstrate that you are taking care of your and your clients’ digital data.

Cyber Essentials provides:

  • a framework to assist companies in reducing the risk of common internet attacks, and
  • government-approved accreditation to demonstrate that you have taken recognisable steps of best practice (on successful compliance)

Why not take our quick and easy check to see how vulnerable your data is?

Complete our quick and easy Cyber Essentials questionnaire to get your free readiness report

PS. Watch out for some of our joint events on this subject at Digital Cafe.

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